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I've Got a Studio Space, Baby...

Here is a peek into my little studio space (my sister would be proud of my T-Swift reference)! A lot of folks ask, "so, where is "The Hive Studio?" Well, it is located in my 2 bedroom apartment, where the larger of the two rooms is my studio space. When I first moved in over a year ago, each day I would step foot in it, I would close my door & imagine it to be in a studio space in a darling Boston brownstone, or adorable storefront in historic Philadelphia, or even on the quaint streets of my country hometown. Seemed impressive to have those things, as though I would have "made it." I'd even listen to my favorite songs that brought me to those specific places to help add to the "vibe." Yea, pathetic. But, now, I am grateful God has brought me to this "studio" room...He knew exactly where I needed to be & why, & sometimes My ambitious dreams can cloud my futuristic views all too often, instead of a grateful view of His right now. Sound familiar? We all do that, sometimes. I spent too much time dreaming, & not as much time praying about my business; asking for guidance on where it should go, & being content with the here & now, instead of the "why not now, God?" It's amazing what a "little" praying can do; it's a powerful way to get your mind right. God knew what He wanted me to handle (it's tricky, because in a way, we humans can handle anything...the catch? It ain't always beautiful in the end. That's where my faith gets me back on track), & how much food to put on my plate. Now that I think of it, when you go to an amazing buffet, don't you feel tempted to fill your plate with anything & everything that looks delicious, only to realize moments later you can't eat it all? yea, it's something like that. Now, I couldn't be more at peace with where things are. It's strange. I've learned a little more of what it means to step back, slow down, & let things happen organically, just a bit. Of course, you have to work hard, still, but don't push for things that aren't naturally "you." It may take a few stubborn "but I want it NOW" detours to figure that out (or at least figuring out that a road is just too much for your plate right now, & perhaps drive down it at a later time when it feels truly know, when you have a pick-up instead of that little, dinky Honda), but to figure out that balance of letting things flow + mixed with your hard work is important. Add a lot of prayer to that, & you're on a better track to figuring out where your life should be in this moment. Yea.

So, right now, in this darling space, I create new art pieces for my shop & customers, redecorate this space a hundred times, strive to keep plants alive, plan & assemble for calligraphy workshops, print, design, store my products, think up new products, update all of that website jazz, blog a few times a year (oops), draw, keep inventory, & strive to remember to pray over it all. 

cheers to being content with where you are & what you have. thanks for reading this long post, it may be the last long post of the year.


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